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May 11 2016

I’m not fine as in fine, but fine as in you don’t have to worry about me.
— Dr. Gregory House
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May 10 2016

why everyone should study material science

when you sit in a material science class in a lab on viscoelastic properties of polymers and the teacher says that in engineering we must always go beyond what we see and look for the answers inside the material and its structure and it’s history- meaning how it was processed to understand the properties and it suddenly strikes we should apply the same in human relations. 

also i like the concept that strenght of the material is determined by the amount of force it can withstand  and still recover its original shape. what is your elastic limit? ask yourself. ask yourself how can you reinforce yourself to avoid reaching the ultimate strenght that inevitably leads to fracture. look for the answers deep inside you and what made you the way you are. 

May 03 2016

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capitalism’s a bitch.

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The only thing I’ve learned this year is my student number

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How I feel about the end of the semester:


I find the end of the semester approaching so soon, both exciting and unnerving. Very unnerving.

OK mostly unnerving. Nobody panic.

April 09 2016

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Masas [Masses] | 2009 | Transparent lighter filled with blood by Ernesto Bautista

December 04 2015

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